Memory Care

Helping families impacted by dementia increase quality of life with non-pharmaceutical treatment options.


About Us

We have been providing services to the Orlando area since 2010 and are committed to bringing behavior science treatment of memory disorders to the Central Florida Region.


What can we do for you?

As behavior scientists, we aim to provide solutions to any problems. Our typical services include:

  • Assement
  • Individualized Behavior Support
  • Med-compliance
  • Caregiver training and support
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Leisure Activities
  • Increasing independence


How can behavior science help?

Applied Behavior Analysis

Research in behavior analysis has demonstrated its impact on improving the quality of life in a wide range of geriatric populations, including those with memory disorders.

At JKP Analysts, our specialized team of behavior analysts will customize a behavioral program to improve the quality of lie of each of our patients, allowing them to be as independent as possible and to assist with the reduction of challenging behavior to mitigate the need for pharmacological interventions.

In addition to programs for the patients themselves, we provide training and support to caregivers and families.

Preparing families and caregivers for the progression of Dementia.

As families and caregivers of adults begin the journey into dementia and memory care, it is always helpful to have guide and plan. We are here to help prepare both the family and the adult!

“Old age is rather like another country. You will enjoy it more if you have prepared yourself before you go. ~BF Skinner”

Caregiver Training and Coping

It can be difficult handling the challenging behavior of those suffering from dementia or other memory related issues. That is why it is important for the families and caregivers of the patient to be knowledgeable and aware of the process and procedures that go into improving the quality of life for our patients.

We work directly with family and caregivers to ensure that the best possible outcome is made available by our program.

Individualized Behavior Support

Everyone is different, and because of this, we have our team of specialized behavior analysts customize a plan that is best going to suit the patients and your needs specifically!


Loss of Independence is the number one fear of seniors!

In fact they fear this almost 9 times as much as death.

We are focused on bringing premium behavior science to seniors to maximize their independence and allow for their caregivers and family to help ease them through the latter part of their life with dignity and pleasure.

With behavioral treatment, our patients can stave off the typical restrictions and pharmacological treatment for their memory disorders.

While these disorder are not curable, behavior analysis promises to extend their quality of life to make sure the last years are the best years they can be.